Once I had a dream.

Beautiful girl tries cherry cream dessert with her finger. She beams with pleasure, closes her eyes. I’m staring at her perfect face, but she doesn’t notice me.

Every now and then something gray is trying to leak into this idyll: scraps of black and white photos, rustling in the wind. Pain. I feel the pain and suffering, and only now I noticed someone staying behind my beauty and scratching her back till it bleeds. Who is it? What for?!!!

My sweet dreams crumble in an instant, and suddenly I find myself on the sunny green lawn. I feel warmth and light. I appeared far away deep in my childhood, watching my grandmother’s chickens near the chicken coop. They are busily walking, pecking worms, and life seems so cute and carefree.

Suddenly out of the haze large white chicken appears. It is very fluffy. Strange, but it seems she has a human face. I am trying to look into her sad eyes – but nothing comes out. And then I understand that she’s going to give birth. Out of the unknown hole a little yellow chick appears. It is so small and feeble, trembling all over, that I panic: He’s going to die! I take it in my hands, trying to warm up, but I did not know what to do next. Help is needed!

I’m staying in some long line trying to tell people about my chicken, but they just turn away in disgust. It suits my turn. Cook rudely asked me, what would I like to eat, but I can’t answer – I’m so sorry for the dying chicken, almost feel the tears flow. A crowd gathered around me. They grumble and swear that I’m braking the turn, and then push me out.

And suddenly the noise disappears and I find myself in the huge pot of boiling soup. I see onions, potatoes, passing me … Again, my heart was so warm. I recall the summer time my grandmother fed us a delicious lunch. She poured soup into a plurality of multi-colored plates, and we choose who will get a picture with some …

Suddenly I feel’s gaze, but I do not see who is looking at me. I feel ashamed. “Yes, of course …” – I agree. “There are things much more serious and important than the colored plates … I’m no longer a child …”

Again, a force pulls me from the dream, and I cling to the last effort. I see a little girl, a child who kicked me once on the forehead with an iron shovel. But her glare doesn’t scare me now. I do not have anybody else to ask for help. She stares at me with her huge eyes and then looks at half dead chicken, which I give to her. “Come on! Take it! Take it back!” – Silently beg her, and someone’s hands are pulling and pulling me back.

I fall on the grass. A woman with disheveled hair bent above me. She was wailing and crying, cursing and accusing me of something, but I do not hear anything, play dead, and slowly sinking lower and lower, under the grass, under the leaves, under the ground, into the darkness…

PS. We’ve made a short video based on this dream. Unfortunately there was no opportunity to follow this story presicely…

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